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Nimitz Sr & Aldine Sr High School

Asylum seekers and refugees are individuals who seek protection in a foreign country due to fear of persecution or harm in their home country. Asylum is a form of international protection granted to individuals already in the host country or at its border, while refugees are individuals who have been recognized as needing protection and […]

Eisenhower Sr & Davis Sr High school

School districts must ensure non-discrimination based on race, color, or national origin and ensure that a student's citizenship or immigration status, or that of their parents or guardians, does not hinder their enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools. Additionally, school districts are prohibited from seeking information with the intent of denying access to public […]

MacArthur!Know your Rights for Aldine High School Newcomer Students

     Access to Education: Ensures fundamental human right to education. Provides opportunities for personal development. Promoting Social Inclusion: Fosters a sense of belonging in the community. Contributes to a more cohesive and integrated society. Human Rights Perspective: Respects the global recognition of the right to education. Upholds principles of human dignity and equality. Future […]